Locavore.co – the online farmers marketplace

Our mission is to promote food security for all by making it simpler to buy, sell and trade, great fresh food, locally.

What is it? 

Locavore is the peer to peer food network, it is a place to sell, trade and share produce and meals with the other members of the marketplace. It’s a global platform intended to help connect you to local farms, backyard growers, urban farmers, chefs and bakers. It’s completely free to add and browse listings, but to make a listing and or purchase you need an account. 

How is this any different from my website?

As a vendor, Locavore gives you an extra platform to market you produce and services, to a much larger audience.  Our rating and reviews system helps you build trust with your potential customers. 
As a shopper, Locavore makes it super easy to find produce as locally as possible, simply search your location. It works wherever you are in the world… 

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free to list your items, pop-up shops, services and to make purchases – we charge a small commission (5%) for sales made through the platform.

Why should I join? 

The more people that join this platform, the more your online reach will sky-rocket; we are the go-to application for  truly local food shopping.  We’ve simplified the process of listing your produce online, it’s super easy to find and purchase the freshest food from your mobile (or PC). 

For more info visit http://locavore.co