List produce “For Sale”

Everyone has their own schedules, and ways they prefer to sell, therefore we have kept this as flexible as possible for you to customize how you want to market your items. We monitor every listing, and will make every effort to reach out with suggestions.  

On Locavore every listing is an individual product – Locavore is not a shopping cart, we want to make it as SIMPLE as possible for people to get fresh local produce. While you can list every product for sale e.g. zucchini is one listing, tomatoes are another, that’s not practical for farmers (nor profitable) nor is it practical for shoppers (e.g. am I going to drive 20 minutes for a bag of tomatoes?).

For backyard or (sub-)urban farmers where populations are more dense, listing individual items might work well to attract your neighbors (or people who are in walking/bicycling distance)

Here are some suggested items to sell on Locavore:

  1. You are a farmer, you can offer your CSA (community supported agriculture) box for sale one time, or offer a subscription service.
    Set the dates & times you are available for the customer to pick-up, or if you offer delivery, you can add a delivery fee and list the times you are able to make deliveries (you can set the delivery to $0 if you like).

  2. You are a honey producer, you can offer your individual jars of honey, as you would at any physical farmer’s market.

  3. You are a coffee grower producer, but also sell macadamia nuts and dried bananas, you could sell a “care package” for either sale online, or as pick-up or delivery item. This type of listing will work well on Locavore, as it makes it more worthwhile for someone to make the effort to pick-up, or for you to deliver.

  4. You are a restaurant and you want to offer prepared meals or meal kits for pickup or delivery.