How Locavore works

Everyone has their own schedules, and ways they prefer to sell, therefore we have kept this as flexible as possible for you to customize how you want to market your items. 

We monitor every listing, and will make every effort to reach out with suggestions.  

Listing types:

  1. For Sale 
    These items are individual items you have for sale. For example you might be a farmer, you can offer your “meal boxes” for sale, or subscription. You might be a honey producer, you can offer your individual jars of honey.
  2. Trade or Share
    You are free to list your produce for trade.
    For example I have an out of control pumpkin patch. I would love to trade some pumpkins for some Avocados.
  3. For Rent (hourly or daily) 
    This is a booking service for your spaces.
    Rent your next space to host an event. Thinking of taking the next step? Rent a commercial kitchen.
  4. Services Offered
    Find edible landscaping services, personal chefs and gardening tutors.
  5. Locations
    Find a local farmers market, pop-up food stall, fruit stand, restaurant or food truck.
  6. Events
    Find or host an event.
  7. Opportunities
    Find or post a job or internship opportunity.