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  • Scallion Greens Green Onion Greens

    Scallion Greens Green Onion Greens

    A bundle of freshly cut scallion greens. Wonderfully fresh flavor!*Please note that we do NOT include the bulb with your order. *We harvest the greens weekly and keep the plant growing perenially throughout the year so that we can offer you this fresh produce.

  • It’s Mango season in Hawaii

    It’s Mango season in Hawaii

    Hey hey hey!!! It’s MANGO season here in Hawaii and you have to check these beauties out. Reach out to Mandy and get some fresh local mangos at on $3/lb !

  • Fresh produce delivery

    Fresh produce delivery

    Looking for farm fresh produce delivery services? What could be a more local an experience than getting a welcome basket (or even fridge full) of fresh delicious local produce and edibles? We have an opportunity for you – now that summer is here and travel is happening again, we need you to list your CSA, […]

  • Quail Haven Urban Farm

    Quail Haven Urban Farm

    Hey there! Meet the Quail Haven Urban farm from Fort Worth, Texas! Texans – get your local quail eggs today! Visit for more info.

  • – the online farmers marketplace

    Our mission is to promote food security for all by making it simpler to buy, sell and trade, great fresh food, locally. What is it?  Locavore is the peer to peer food network, it is a place to sell, trade and share produce and meals with the other members of the marketplace. It’s a global platform intended to help connect you to local farms, backyard […]