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Find fresh locally grown produce, event spaces, equipment, foodscapers and much more on the Locavore marketplace.

The place to participate in your local food economy. - the hyper local food network .

What is Locavore?

  • Locavore is the peer to peer local food network and marketplace, it is a place to sell, trade and share produce, meals and ideas with the other members of the marketplace.
  • It’s a global platform intended to connect you to local farms, backyard growers, urban farmers, foodscapers, chefs, bakers, butchers and beeswax candlestick makers.

Did You Ever ...

  • Ever need that extra ingredient that didn’t come in you CSA box? Search Locavore to see if it’s available nearby.
  • Want to support your community? Buy local.
  • Miss the farmer’s market? Search Locavore.
  • Want to know when that guy who sells fish will be running his stand? Find him on Locavore.
  • Have too many pumpkins growing in your garden? Sell  (or trade) on Locavore.
  • Need a side gig? Plant a garden. Teach others how to grow produce.
  • Want  to up your operation? Find a space to make your next batch of hot sauces to sell.
  • Go Traveling? Why stop eating healthy – live like a local, eat like a local.

On Locavore, ANYONE Can Be A Farmer No Matter How Big Your Operation Or Garden Is.​

Locavore Team

Scallion Greens Green Onion Greens

A bundle of freshly cut scallion greens. Wonderfully fresh flavor!*Please note that we do NOT include the bulb with your order. *We harvest the greens weekly and keep the plant growing perenially throughout the year so that we can offer you this fresh produce.

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local mango by mandy
Locavore Team

It’s Mango season in Hawaii

Hey hey hey!!! It’s MANGO season here in Hawaii and you have to check these beauties out. Reach out to Mandy and get some fresh local mangos at on $3/lb !

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Locavore Team

Fresh produce delivery

Looking for farm fresh produce delivery services? What could be a more local an experience than getting a welcome basket (or even fridge full) of fresh delicious local produce and edibles? We have an opportunity for you – now that summer is here and travel is happening again, we need

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